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Lawn & Landscape Maintenance located in Stroudsburg, PA

Proper landscaping is a beautiful feature for a home or business that increases property values and makes spaces fun to enjoy.  However, landscaping is not a static item; it needs care and routine maintenance to allow it to thrive in its environment.  At Mathiesen Landscapes, our lawn and landscape maintenance services are vast and keep your property looking its best.  We have the ability to service anything from your routine home lawn care and mowing to full private community lawn and landscaping upkeep.  Take the stress off your mind and spend your time enjoying your property by allowing Mathiesen Landscapes to handle your every landscape  maintenance need.  Call us today to talk about your Pocono landscape maintenance today from Mathiesen Landscapes.

Turf Management

  • Weekly lawn mowing, string trimming, and clipping clean up 

  • Lawn and bed edging 

  • Dethatching and aerating 

  • Organic fertilizer (Learn about organics here)

  • Lawn repair and overseeding  

  • Soil analysis

Packages Available

  • Bronze : Mowing, string trimming, and clean up of clippings from paved surfaces.

  • Silver : Includes Bronze service above and maintaining weed free landscape beds, and maintaining neatly trimmed/pruned landscape shrubbery.

  • Gold : Includes Silver service above and turf management/organics treatments.

  • All packages can be customized to suit every individuals needs.

Landscape Management

  • Plant, shrub, and tree trimming, shaping, and pruning 

  • Transplanting and removal of unwanted items 

  • Bed edging 

  • Mulch installation 

  • Weed removal and prevention 

  • Spring and fall clean ups 

  • Leaf removal 

  • Plant care and deer proofing 

  • Seasonal color plantings 

  • Storm damage clean ups

Contracts Available

  • PER SERVICE-a set rate is charged per service of the property.  This method is used for bronze packages. 

  • SEASONAL-all of your maintenance for the year is set up on a fixed monthly payment plan, allowing you to budget your expenses and always know how much you’ll be spending each month.  This method can be used for bronze packages and is always used for silver, and gold packages.

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