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Pocono Landscape Design

At Mathiesen Landscapes, we offer professional landscape design services.  We possess an abundance of experience when it comes to choosing the right living and non-living materials for your landscape and how to make the best use of the space available.  Also, we have state of the art software to illustrate our plans to you in a way that you can understand and envision your new landscaping.  Choosing the correct plant materials based on customer desires and what will work based on site specifics is a vital part of your landscape design.  The expertise and experience Mathiesen Landscapes possesses is why each of our designs is unique, and the installed plantings thrive.  Choosing the hardgoods is another imperative step in your landscape design, and with our vision we can help you choose the colors, sizes, and textures of your pavers, retaining wall blocks, stone, groundcovers and everything in between to create a space that blends together consistently, with great aesthetic appeal.  These factors will enable you to enjoy your space, increase the value of your home or business, and draw in new buyers, customers, or tenants.  


Visualize your dream

An investment in the latest software allows us to create designs through 2D computer drafted, color blueprints, to perfectly lay out your proposed work of art so you can visualize what you will receive from our company.  When the plan is completed, we can then fly you over a 3D model of how your landscape will look and feel.  Another advantage we have is the ability to capture a photo of your existing space and bring it up on our software and, in front of your eyes, place new plantings and hardgoods to show you how your dream yard will look upon completion.

The Process

First, we will meet with you to discuss your property.  We’ll listen to thoughts and what you have in mind, what styles you like, how you envision your property, and the way you would like to use your space. Listening to you will help us select shrubs, trees, flowers, pathways and other effects to provide you with the landscaping and outdoor living that YOU desire.  Once we have this information we:

  • Measure and photograph your property and outdoor spaces 

  • Note sunlight conditions 

  • Soil conditions 

  • Wind and snow load/piling areas 

  • Areas where sunlight may be desired 

  • Areas where shade may be desired 

  • Drainage conditions

With this information, it’s off to the design board, where your dreams will be created.

Designs Offered

  • 2D computer drafted landscape blueprints

  • 3D landscape renderings to fly you through your landscape

  • Image editing to illustrate new landscaping on your existing home or business


Explore our Commercial Landscape Design services.


Once Designs are fulfilled, we can enter the Landscape Installation Phase.

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